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Welcome To Blue Sapphire Hub.

Blue Sapphire Hub officially registered as Blue Sapphire E-Solutions Ltd. is 4 years into operations since inception, it has touted services in the domain of ICT and Business dealing with different entities from individuals, organizations and government parastatals providing them with consultancy, capacity building and product development.

 It is located in Kano state northern Nigeria along Sharadah industrial area road where is has entertained different guest who come in seeking to get involved with ICT either through skill acquisition, business development/ consultancy, product development/consultancy or resource access. Skills acquisition comes under its capacity building programme where people from different age groups including kids as young as 6 years to working class adults are empowered with different skills set ranging from basic computer operations, computer graphics manipulation, programming and software development, web design and application development, mobile application development, computer business applications, digital marketing e.t.c. Under this facet it has graduated over 3000 student in the different areas.

 It offers services that has to do with technology entrepreneurship and business incubation where businesses wanting to adopt IT strategies or individuals seeking to go into ICT technology oriented businesses are offered mentorship and consultancy services to enable them carry their ideas from inception to fruition. Services that have to do with business or idea development are covered under its Hub’s offerings where consultancy, mentorship, co-working space, networking and funding opportunities are provided. 



Abubakar M. I Abdu

(it professional)

Khadija Sanusi

Executive secretary

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Our Vision

To provide quality education, develop the innovation, creativity and instil skills in our students.

Our Mission

Is to provide skills and knowledge to our clients to enable them build successful careers in the ICT and Business World.